Promoting self -reliance, Unity and Progress



The USSLA's constitution serves as a written rules, statements, principles or directives in making good governance. It also serves as a foundation and guideline for the executive members to make good decisions without intimidation, fear or favor and also for the general membership to know their rights, entitlements and limitations.




The United States – Sierra Leonean Association, Inc. (hereinafter “the Club”) was founded on 2nd July 2006 by Sierra Leonean’s residing in Staten Island, New York, U.S.A. The Club, which was formerly named De Mabinty Foundation For Sierra Leone Unity until formally changed by majority vote on 3rd December 2006, was created after the death of Mabinty, a young lady from Sierra Leone who was part of the Staten Island community.  Her death was a wakening call to a divided, helpless and uncompromising Sierra Leonean community living in Staten Island. A call was made to bring all Sierra Leoneans in the United States together with emphasis to the residents of Staten Island to mutually support, assist and benefit each other morally or otherwise  regardless of age, sex, religious or tribal affiliation and to also reach out to other Sierra Leoneans abroad and at home.

The Association is a not-for-profit Association and as such, is not affiliated to, subscribes, or endorses a political party or agenda.  It is nonpolitical in its day to day affairs ....Download to read more...

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